Bike crashes can be devastating accidents simply due to the fact that cyclists do not have the same protection as other vehicles. They have no protection aside from perhaps the helmet they were wearing and other body gear to deflect impact. Severe, if not critical, injuries are common and may result in the need for medical treatments, hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, mental health support, and more. The injuries that a cyclist may sustain tend to be painful, such as road rash, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, and lacerations or wounds. 

Because a bike accident victim may suffer greatly, as a personal injury lawyer Watkinsville, GA cyclists depend on from Norris Law has seen, they may be motivated to speak with a lawyer right away for assistance. Many people may not realize their situation actually constitutes filing a lawsuit, and may meet with a legal team to have their questions answered. During this consultation, victims can understand what their options are and make a choice on how to proceed that is best for their health and future. 

How does a lawyer help my situation after a bike accident?

A lawyer who is familiar with handling bike accident cases will have the knowledge and resources available to gather evidence, investigate the accident, and negotiate for a fair settlement amount. This kind of support can be helpful, since most people don’t have a deep knowledge of personal injury law and may not know the options that are available to them. 

A lawyer will be a victim’s best advocate, and use the law for the betterment of their client’s health and finances. Your lawyer can handle tasks such as:

  • Get official statements from witnesses
  • Handle paperwork and correspondence 
  • Obtain police reports, receipts, medical records, and more
  • File insurance claims and speak with insurance adjusters
  • Investigate the situation further to uncover evidence for fault
  • Represent the victim in court if a settlement isn’t reached

Can I just accept the settlement an insurance has offered me?

Insurance companies know what a claim is worth, and the initial settlement offer is likely to be only a small percentage of the true value of your total losses. Don’t forget that insurance companies are for-profit, meaning, they care more about how much they are losing in a settlement than helping a victim through a difficult time. Do not underestimate the degree to which an insurance company will try to reduce or deny your claim altogether. For instance, after informing your insurance company about the bike accident, you will be contacted by an insurance adjuster. As friendly as this person may seem, they are actually hoping to get a recorded statement from you about what happened so they use your own words against you. It may be better to have your lawyer handle this conversation so you are protected. 

Bike accident victims can find the answers they are looking for by meeting with a lawyer experienced in representing personal injury accidents. Victims deserve to know what their options are and to receive a settlement that covers their losses so they can recover to the fullest extent possible.