IRS Tax Lawyer

If you are one of thousands of people who is being investigated for suspected tax fraud, there are steps you can take to successfully resolve the situation. Being accused of tax fraud by the Revenue Service (IRS) is a serious issue that needs to be handled carefully. Having a tax fraud lawyer advocate for you on your behalf is recommended because tax fraud cases can be complex since they deal with the government. When you trust a top IRS tax lawyer like one from Crepeau Mourges to assist you with your case, your chances of obtaining positive results and avoiding the worst consequences are greatly increased.

Respond to the Notice

One of the first things you should do when you receive a tax fraud notice from the IRS is to respond immediately. Waiting even a few days can affect your case. The IRS is always on the lookout for individuals who may be purposefully presenting their financial records in a misleading way to avoid paying their fair share of taxes or any taxes at all. Whether you decide to hire a lawyer or not, you must respond to the notice promptly.

Organize Your Financial Documents

Tax fraud accusations often stem from misunderstandings, and only a portion involve criminals who are actively avoiding paying taxes. They are common among individuals who have complex income streams or finances. Gather all of your financial documents and records to prepare your defense and ensure all the information is accurate. Hire a tax fraud lawyer so they can assess your case and quickly prepare a strong defense to clear up any confusion or misunderstandings regarding inputted information.

Pay the Taxes You Owe

Though the goal is to have your charge dropped altogether, in some cases it might be better to simply pay the amount of taxes owed. Making the payment is one way you can prove that you are trying to correct any mistakes that you inadvertently made. If you are choosing to make a payment, it is recommended to hire a lawyer so they can guide you through the process. 

Contact a Skilled Lawyer

Because tax fraud involves such high stakes, proceeding to handle it without a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the intricacies of tax law is not recommended. There are many nuances in tax law that you may find difficult to understand. The last thing you want to do when you’re faced with a tax fraud accusation is make even more mistakes. Contact a top tax fraud lawyer now for personalized legal assistance.