Sexual assault and rape are crimes that tend to linger with victims for many years to come. Such offenses are not only physically damaging but emotionally devastating too, as it shows an intimate betrayal of trust that can feel immovable to get past. Experiencing an offense like this can lead to feelings of anger, shame, guilt, relationship fears, and anxiety. Victims can get the help they need by notifying law enforcement and filing a report, contacting a lawyer, and using helplines or other resources to get out of an abusive situation if they need to.

Prevalence and Offenders
Based on national statistics, each year there are almost half a million victims of sexual assault. Some attackers may somehow elude the justice system, and others may not be held accountable because the victim was too terrified to come forward. Sexual abuse and rape can happen to anyone, but the inflicters tend to be those who already know the victim, such as coworkers, romantic partners, family members, and acquaintances. In many cases, the perpetrator was someone who knew the victim prior to the offense. 

Suing For Justice

Victims of rape and other sex crimes may be entitled to restitution for the pain and injury that was caused. Standing up to an attacker is a difficult thing to do, but many are motivated to hold the person accountable by law so that it doesn’t happen to others. If a person is dangerous, then chances are they will continue to be so. Victims can begin the process of getting justice served by contacting a lawyer for guidance on what to do next. 

As a Rape Victims Lawyer at The Lynch Law Group knows, all too often sexual attackers get away with their crimes. Those who decide to take action against someone who sexually violated them should feel empowered in having enough strength to sue the sex crime perpetrator.