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When I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

It can be tempting to handle your workers’ compensation case alone rather than hiring a trusted and experience workers’ compensation attorney to help you and represent your best interests. The truth of the matter is this: Insurance companies are representing the best interest of your employer and are looking to keep their bottom line low. Plus, there are many complexities that can arise in a workers’ compensation claim that can require the help of an attorney. Here are a few examples:

Your claim is denied.

Sometimes employers reject workers’ compensation claims because they believe that many workers will neglect to appeal their decision.

Your employer does not pay your benefits promptly.

If you are not being paid promptly, your employer is in the wrong. You are entitled to benefits and an attorney can possibly help you recover them.

You were injured because of a third party or your employer’s gross misconduct.

Workers’ compensation makes it so that you do not have to prove who was at fault for the injury, but it also makes it so that your employer cannot be subject to a civil lawsuit. In some situations, though, it is permissible to seek legal action. For example, if someone other than your employer contributed to your injury, if your lawyer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, or if your employer intentionally caused your injury, you need to speak with a lawyer who can explain to you your options.

Your settlement offer does not cover your medical bills or wages lost.

One of the main benefits of workers’ compensation is that it covers the cost of your medical bills. Do not settle for a number simply because you believe it to be the best you can do. Instead, contact an attorney to give you the best advice moving forward.

Your injuries are serious enough to where you cannot return to your previous job, limit the work you can do or completely prevent you from being able to work.

If you suffered from a permanent disability because of an injury or illness that you got while on the job, whether it’s partial or total, you’re entitled to compensation. You may even be entitled to weekly payments to make up for your lost wages. Because these cases can be expensive for the insurance companies, they’ll often fight to make sure that they pay you less than what is acceptable. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is very important in these cases.

Your boss retaliates against you.

If you are fired, your hours changed, pay reduced, or demoted, you deserve protection. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against workers for filing a workers’ comp claim to get the benefits that will help heal and become healthy.

If you were injured at work and want to make sure you qualify for maximum benefits, remember that there are workers’ compensation lawyers who can help you and provide you with more information, schedule a free consultation with a trusted workers’ compensation lawyer who relies on.

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