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We are dedicated to helping people with questions related to legal matters and the law. We want people to know what their rights are and the different ways they may be able to protect them.

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When looking for legal advice, make sure that the person or people you are asking for help are qualified to give you the kind of legal information you need. In addition to licensed lawyers there are many different nonprofit and for-profit organizations that may be qualified to give you legal advice.

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It is important to ask a person who is giving you legal advice about their previous experience doing this as well as the outcomes for the people who took it. Just because someone is experienced with giving sound legal advice does not guarantee that they will be able to protect you in the way you hope to be protected but it is one of the many factors to consider when seeking legal advice.

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It is a good idea to get recommendations and referrals from people you can trust and whose opinion is one you find to be sound and well-thought out. These can be friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, bosses, religious or community leaders, or any other people in your life who have had experience with successfully dealing with a situation similar to yours.