There are many different kinds of lawyers out there that specialize in many different kinds of law. Most lawyers are licensed to practice in one or more state, and some lawyers are also admitted to practice before various federal district courts. Within the federal court system there are many different specialty areas of law.

Criminal vs. Civil Lawyer

Having a case with a criminal lawyer against a civil lawyer is really not a thing. Probably the most broad division between branches of law that lawyers can choose to practice in the in the United States is to serve in either the criminal or civil justice systems. Even though someone may be charged and tried in both a criminal and a civil court for the same crime, the proceedings would be completely separate and are not supposed to affect the outcome of each other.

Criminal Lawyer

Criminal law is a system of law concerned with the punishment of those who commit crimes. A criminal lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in criminal law. A person is usually charged with a crime by either the Federal or a state government. The prosecutor is a government employed lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer is either, appointed by the state if the defendant wants this, or the defendant may hire their own private sector lawyer.

Civil Lawyer

Civil law is a system of law that typically involves private disputes between people and/or organizations. A civil lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in one or more of the many different areas of civil law. When a person, entity or party claims that another person, entity or party has failed to carry out a legal duty owed to the plaintiff, it is a civil claim. Civil lawsuits can be brought in both state and federal courts.

Some civil lawyers are licensed to practice in more than one jurisdiction or state. While some lawyers are willing to take on any kind of civil law case, the majority of them specialize in one or more branch of civil law. More common kinds of civil lawyers include but are not limited  to:

  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Probate
  • Workers Compensation
  • FLSA
  • Divorce
  • Family Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Immigration
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Injury
  • Tax
  • Contracts
  • Corporate Law
  • Disability
  • Consumer and Faulty Products
  • Intellectual Property
  • Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights
  • International Law

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