There are multiple ways to protect your intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents,  or copyrights. All of these are designed to make it possible for the government to enforce that your unique work is not used by others for any reason that you do not allow. When you put time and energy into creating something, especially when you have a financial stake in it, it is important to ensure that you keep its use protected, and an experienced IP lawyer can help you determine the best way to make that happen as well as file paperwork and walk you through the legal process. 

Trademarks Defined

Trademarks are words, phrases, or logos that are used for the purpose of selling a product or to differentiate a company among the market. They are important for a company to use as part of their marketing strategy and can represent a large financial impact on the company since they are used for selling products. If a competing company tries to use your trademark, or a similar version of it, you will want to have the power to keep them from doing so, because they could end up stealing your customers, and sales, from it. 

Registering a Trademark

In order to protect a trademark as your property, you are required to register it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. You can also register your trademark just within your state, but that does not protect you from people who use it in another state, which is why it is recommended to register it with the federal government so that its protection can be enforced by the government. This can be a daunting process, but an experienced intellectual property lawyer can guide you through the legal process and provide legal advice for your specific situation. 

Hire an Intellectual Property Lawyer

The legal process for filing a trademark can be complex, and you will quickly find that it can be beneficial to have the experience of a lawyer behind you and your business. After you put time and money into creating a unique trademark for your business or product, it is not recommended that you leave it unprotected and open to be stolen or used by others. Contact a law firm today to discuss your legal needs with a lawyer and get started on protecting your intellectual property.