Can You Prove You’re Not at Fault in a Bike Accident Without Witnesses?

As an avid bike enthusiast, you love getting out on the open road and enjoying a good ride. You also understand the risks that come with this activity. No matter where you go, there’s always the potential for collisions and other problems. Even if you take every possible precaution, you can’t completely avoid every potentially dangerous situation. If you’re involved in an incident with another bike rider or with an automobile or pedestrian, you could be facing a lawsuit. It’s important to know what you face if there were no witnesses and whether you have a chance to prove you weren’t responsible.

You Have a Case With No Witnesses

A bike accident can result in serious injuries to you and the other parties involved. If someone sues you due to their injuries, you can rely on the testimony of witnesses to prove your innocence or the other person’s negligence. However, if no one was around to see what happened, do you have any solid ground to stand on, or is your case hopeless? Fortunately, there are other avenues you can pursue to maintain a strong defense.

Examine the Scene

When witnesses weren’t around to come to your defense or uphold your side of the story, your legal team and law enforcement investigators can look at clues you left behind. These include skid marks that show you started to slow down before the collision, debris from the collision that proves the extent of the incident and other items that can help you demonstrate you weren’t responsible for the accident.

Take Photos

Immediately after the collision, you should take pictures of the scene. This will help preserve evidence and allow investigators to reconstruct the accident. It’s impossible to refute photographic proof of what led to the accident or what resulted from it.

Look at Video

If you’re lucky, there will be surveillance footage of the collision from nearby businesses. Your legal team can help you obtain copies of any such evidence to bolster your insistence that the incident was the other person’s fault or the cause of natural forces.

Police Report

In most cases, your bike collision probably resulted in the intervention of police officers. The responding authorities would have filed a report, detailing the nature of the collision. If you and your attorneys look at the report, it could spell out details that corroborate your side of the story.

Once you hire a bicycle accident lawyer, you should look at these resources and tips to proving your innocence. Though witnesses are helpful in these scenarios, they’re not essential.


Source: Bicycle Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GA, Butler Law Firm

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