Car Accident Lawyer Rockland County, NY

If you’re in a car accident you experience chest pain after your accident you should seek medical help right away because chest pain after a car accident can be much more serious and you think. You might think your injuries are not severe, however if you experience chest pain it could be anything from minor to severe, and the consequences of not seeking a physician’s help can be fatal.

Your car accident lawyer such as the ones available at Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. , are going to tell you the same thing. If you are experiencing chest pains after a car accident, you should not be thinking of the medical bill, you should be thinking about yourself and your health. Chest pain can be fatal, and while medical debt can be just as crushing, medical debt can be dealt with via a settlement when you negotiate with the person that caused your car crash.

Some accident injuries are very obvious and you can see them right away such as broken bones, bruises, and bleeding. The other injuries are going to require medical diagnostics to determine the cause. There are many reasons why you might have chest pain after a car accident, and you may even find yourself with trouble breathing. Your chest pain might very, it might be directly beneath your ribs, the middle of your chest, or anywhere really on your torso.

No matter what you should seek radical care.

Some minor causes of chest pain after a car crash or bruising, general soreness from hitting the vehicle, inhalation of cornstarch from the airbag. These conditions can turn out to be much more serious, you can even get a chest wall burn from an airbag deployment and later learned that it is actually a sternum fracture.

In severe cases, your chest pain could be fractured ribs, punctured lungs, heart attack, injuries to your kidneys, heart, liver, trachea, spleen, sternum, and more. When you are in an accident of any kind your body can actually refer and defer pain so that you’re more likely to notice that, but that means that this pain can lead to other underlying causes.

Depending upon the triggers of the symptoms, there are different sensations that are associated with the general feeling of chest pain. Art related chest pain might cause pressure, burning, fullness or tightness in the chest; may not last more than a few minutes; pain that goes away and and later comes back; activity is going to make pain worse; may find yourself dizzy, weak, short of breath and vomiting.

However chest pain that is not likely to be connected to a heart problem can be pain that gets worse or better based upon the position your body is in, you might have tenderness when you push on your chest, you may have trouble swallowing, and you may only have pain that is worse when you cough.

Talk to your car accident lawyer today is your chest pain turned out to be something directly caused from your car accident and you wish to cover your medical bills with the settlement.